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How It Works

It’s a New Generation of High Speed Internet


Connect ANY of your devices that use Wifi!  Our hotspots & routers broadcast a high speed wifi signal to all your home and office devices such as laptops, smart TVs, tablet device’s, gaming consoles, and more!


The hotspots and routers we provide connect to the local cellular towers near you, providing the device its high speed LTE unlimited data connection.


We offer options for the 2 major wireless carriers. Check out our current plans to find out which network has the best coverage and is right for you.

14 Day, No Risk, Money-Back Guarantee

Think “Unlimited” sounds just too good to be true?  Try it risk free and see for yourself!

NO Data Limits  |  NO Throttling  |  NO Contracts  |  NO Credit Checks


I want to thank you so much for this GREAT service. It came yesterday and it was working perfectly last night. I can finally have unlimited internet in my rural location, which up til now I was limited to Exede satellite @ 10 GB per month. We have never been able to stream anything until now. You have a loyal customer for a long time to come!
Joseph P.

Blue Plan Customer

I've been with them since May 2016 and can say we've been very happy. If we have any problems whatsoever, they're there to help. If you have no other options for Internet, this is worth the money. We usually get 20-38mbps with this hotspot. The most we have used was a little over 600gb in a month... Netflix, YouTube, gaming, down loading big files for games, and school work. Works great! You will not be disappointed.
Keith G.

Red Plan Customer

Just purchased a hotspot from this company and I will say it was super easy to complete the entire process from start to finish! Placed order on Monday and got the package delivered on Wednesday - same week. I open up the box and turned it on and it was fully charged and i have used it and the speed is exactly what they promised and I even use it to run my wireless security cameras. So far very pleased and looking forward to having this for a LONG LONG time!!!!
Bill B.

Blue Plan Customer