Red Plan

Thanks for picking our RED PLAN!

Let’s review the details of what you’re getting:

  • Verizon jetpack (model 8800L) hotspot made by Novatel – $199 to purchase this device
  • Ability to lease unlimited/unthrottled data at a rate of $149 per month w/ no contract (note: the device will arrive with service active.  Once delivered, we will send you a prorated bill covering service for the remaining days left in the month)
  • Free Tech Support – We’re always here to help!
  • 14 Day Return Policy – Not completely satisfied with the service/device? Ship it back for a 100% Full Refund!
Please click the “add to cart” and check the correct quantity is shown in your cart.  Then scroll down and click the yellow “Check out with PayPal” button to purchase your device.